The Day the Germs Won

As I sit here on my couch, 7 months pregnant with my 16 month old asleep on me I have to admit- today I wave my white flag. I admit defeat to the germs and just hope we can make it through the next 24-48 hours with some dignity. My husband has a stomach bug that seems to have been sent to him by some demon warrior of vomit. My kiddo has had enough snot come out of her nose in the past 48 hours to fill a tank. And I have a cough that seems to be sent from a similar demon as my husbands stomach bug. Let’s just say- we’re in rough shape. Add on top of the germ warriors the fact that I haven’t been sleeping since, well, I don’t even know when anymore, and you can do the math. White flag, waving.

This is the first time we’ve all been sick at the same time. I’d say we’re handling it pretty well all things considered. I have no words of wisdom or insight about this. I don’t even have any questions for all you mamas and dadas out there. I’m just writing this to share my moment of white flag waving that so many other parents can relate to. Sometimes you just have to give in and admit that the germs have won this round.

I will share this little thought that’s making this rough day a little easier: someday in the not so distant future my little daughter is not going to snuggle into me this easily. Before we know it she’ll be 15 and busy and hopefully sweet and wonderful and all kinds of great things. But she won’t fit in the crook of my arm the same way. Her head won’t settle on my chest with quite the same ease. Her little hand won’t curl up on my tummy all tiny and adorable like it is right now. So I’ll take today to be selfish and relish in the snuggles. I’ll also keep praying that my husband continues to make it to the bathroom in time…. for the love of God wish me luck!

* I have to add- as I shuffled through the kitchen later in the day, feeling partly like I wanted to cry because I so needed to be in bed and partly like I wanted to open every window and door and just let the fresh air in but it was still too cold for that, I overheard my wonderful husband attempting to sing a theme song from a cartoon that he doesn’t really know as he played with our daughter. All I can say is this- I’d rather be here, sick, with these two loves of mine, than anywhere else today…

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